Tankfreund Misfuelling Protection Tool

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The Tankfreund is a useful helper and protects you and your car from accidentally misfuelling. It costs little, but saves a lot!Because if you don't notice the wrong fuel and drive off, you risk engine damage and repair costs of up to 10,000 Euros. The product is available for UK, Dutch an German customers and we'll send you the right version based on the country you order from.

Picking the wrong fuel nozzle is mostly caused by inattentiveness, stress or confusing fuel names. That is why the mishap can happen to any driver, regardless of the vehicle type or experience of the driver.

The Tankfreund is universally fitted, easy to attach with a self-adhesive flap and offers immediate protection. Nothing can go wrong when traveling abroad, as the clever helper offers the foreign fuel names of the most important European travel countries.

Do you want to protect an entire fleet? Or use the Tankfreund as clever advertising material? In this case, we create tailor-made offers and creative designs in the branding of your company. Get in touch now!


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Developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

Refuel properly with the Tankfreund

Quick & easy to attach


Make sure that the area above the tank cap is free of grease and dry.

Pull off

Remove the cover from the self-adhesive flap.


Simply attach the Tankfreund in your car above the tank cap. The ultimate strength of the adhesive is reached within 24 hours.

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