Be careful when refuelling!

Misfuelling can happen to anyone and causes avoidable breakdowns and expensive engine failures.

HUK Coburg misfuelling
Every 10th engine failure is caused by the wrong fuel. There is no insurance policy coverage.
Flotte misfuelling
Misfuelling is always caused by human error and happens a lot more often in reality than one might think.
ADAC misfuelling
The ADAC demands better protection against refuelling mistakes and clear labelling around the fuel cap.
DEKRA misfuelling
All cars should be equipped with a misfuelling protection solution.
TÜV Nordmisfuelling
Even experienced drivers accidentally pick the wrong fuel. This leads to fatal engine failures.
ZDF misfuelling
Misfuelling can wreck the engine. We are talking about 5000 to 10.000 Euros in damages.
Auto Bild misfuelling
Every year, thousands of drivers pick the wrong fuel and risk engine failures.
AllSecur misfuelling
The truth is: The resulting costs from misfuelling damages have to be paid by the driver.
FOCUS misfuelling
Even if the Diesel engine has only been running for seconds, this can lead to fatal engine failures.

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