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The new tool for insurance

You want to offer your customers protection and security while being present in their day-to-day life?

Then the Tankfreund is your ideal tool, because it offers your customers direct protection in an area that is excluded from most insurance policies and automobile associations memberships. That creates trust. Stand out from the competition and use the product to drive customer loyalty and new customer acquisition.

The Tankfreund protects against the damages from incorrect refuelling and offers real added value for customers. At the same time, it creates a lasting advertising effect for your business: Your brand's message and logo on the Tankfreund are present at each petrol station visit throughout the entire year.

Designed according to your wishes

Add your emergency number? A special product for a campaign? Or simply have your slogan present with the customer. Everything is possible!

Providing protection to customers

„We are sorry, but there is nothing we can do for you."

In the event of misfuelling, drivers are usually let alone and have to bear the costs themselves. Damages caused by misfuelling are usually only covered to a very limited extent and often represent an insurance gap from the customer's point of view. Use the Tankfreund as a clever prevention tool, and the phrase "We're sorry, but we can't do anything for you." is a thing of the past.

What the experts say

Satisfied customers

"An affordable and clever promotional tool, that prevents breakdowns and engine failures. Especially great for business customers with their own vehicle fleet and we have a long-term logo presence right with the customer."

Julian Albrecht
VGH Insurance

"It is important to me that my customers get a giveaway that is meaningful, prevents damages, and that my name and phone number are on it!"

Jens Lehmann
LVM Insurance

"The Tankfreund offers REAL ADDED VALUE for our customers - much better than the usual branded pens & lighters! Quick and easy process with Tankfreund."

A. Ferneschild

"I receive very positive feedback from my customers for this extra protection."

Andree de Weerd

"We use Tankfreund as a clever promotion tool for our car insurance in the campaigning month of November. This way we can provide protection to potential customers before they even sign!"

H. Leonhardt

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