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The Tankfreund effectively protects you and your car from accidentally misfuelling. The product is universally fitted and easy to attach with self-adhesive tab. It offers foreign fuel designations for all European countries.

How the Tankfreund works

Step 1

It cannot be overlooked and its presence alone causes a physical blockage of the fuel filler cap / tank opening. The warning is therefore unavoidable and requires interaction, which brings breaks the driver's lack of concentration.

Step 2

You just lift it up to unscrew the fuel cap and insert the nozzle. By touching and moving the Tankfreund, attention is again drawn to the refuelling process.

Step 3

During the refueling process, the Tankfreund also offers a direct visual comparison with the fuel designation on the fuel nozzle. A mistake would be noticed immediately.

Universally fitted

Easy to attach

Unrivaled value for money

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Refuel properly abroad

For your business

Secure your vehicle fleet against engine dames and convince customers with the Tankfreund as a promotional gift.

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