How to install the Tankfreund

The Tankfreund misfuelling prevention tool can be mounted to any car in 4 simple steps. For questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

1. Clean

The Tankfreund will be attached to the surface above the filler neck. For the adhesive to reach optimal performance, the surface needs to be fat-free, free of dust and dry (temperature needs to be above 5°C). You can easily clean the surface with regular cleaning supplies, alcohol or a cleaning cloth for glasses.

Tankfreund einbauen Oberfläche reinigen

2. Remove

The Tankfreund is equipped with a self-adhesive flap. The custom industrial-grade adhesive will provide a strong connection between the product and your car. Simply remove the protective liner on the flap.

Tankfreund Klebelasche abziehen

3. Attach

Attach the Tankfreund at the right spot above the fuel cap, so that the product is covering the tank opening. Press firmly on the adhesive flap.

Tankfreund andrücken Montage

4. Ready

The Tankfreund is installed and elegantly disappears behind the closed fuel filler flap. The adhesive has a high initial tack and reaches its final strength after 24 hours.

Tankfreund Montage fertig