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Every day, hundreds of drivers of passenger cars accidentally pick the wrong fuel.

That is normal. In the case of company cars with changing drivers, it is easy to make mistakes at the petrol station because the private car needs a different fuel or the company car is simply unknown / new to the driver. Mixed fleets with diesel and petrol cars are another problem. From the moment the wrong fuel is in the tank, the driver and vehicle are no longer mobile.

The result is that customer appointments cannot be realised and delivery times cannot be met. Downtime and loss of earnings arise for companies. This causes lots of extra work for fleet management: procurement of a replacement vehicle and claims handling. To prevent all this in a simple and cost effective way, we have developed the Tankfreund.

Happy customers

"With Tankfreund, we were able to protect our entire vehicle fleet with only a small investment. Since then, we have not had any cases of misfuelling."

Rainer Zuszek
Cambio CarSharing

"Misfuelling always leads to high costs for the driver and extra workload and loss of warranty for the employer. Here, the Tankfreund comes to rescue. Throughout Germany, we have equipped all our pool-vehicles with Tankfreund's misfuelling prevention tool. Small investment, big impact!"

S. Schmidt

"If you drive a petrol car in private life, it easily happens that you refuel your company car incorrectly."

M. Stürmer
German Red Cross Lüneburg

"Following damages through misfuelling we have purchased the Tankfreund to prevent these mishaps in the future. Every car is equipped with Tankfreund right when it is purchased and our corporate customers receive our branded Tankfreund as a gift."

M. Grabarits
Kälte Klima GmbH

"If you drive a petrol car in private life, it easily happens that you refuel your company car incorrectly."

M. Stürmer
German Red Cross Lüneburg


The human factor

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Refuel properly anytime & anywhere

The Tankfreund can prevent damages before they occur. It saves cost, effort and hassle for everyone involved.

Cost savings

Use the Tankfreund to prevent expensive damages, loss of manufacturer's warranty and costs for replacement vehicles. Smart today, safe tomorrow!

Operational readiness

Increase the operational readiness of your vehicle fleet and minimise downtime due to incorrect fuelling. so your company always stays on top of its game.


When things get hectic, everyone can accidentally pick the wrong fuel. Prevent your employees having to go through this annoying scenario and the possible claims if they have provoked expensive engine damage.

What the experts say

Legal protection

If a company car is being misfuelled, the question arises whether the driver of the car or the company has to come up for the damages.

Secure your company against legal action with the Tankfreund through clear fuel labelling with maximum visibility.

Unrivaled value for money

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