Avoid engine failures

Increase operational readiness

Securing vehicle readiness has absolute priority.

When an emergency vehicle breaks down, human lives are at stake. Police cars, emergency vehicles of the fire brigade, ambulances and also home care services run critical shifts in which breakdowns cause far-reaching negative consequences.

If the vehicles are driven by different drivers, there is an increased risk of incorrect fuelling. In addition, other factors such as stress on the job, long shifts, tiredness, etc. increase chances for a mistake at the petrol station.


The human factor

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Avoid downtime

Whether police, emergency service or fire brigade - the operational readiness of all vehicles is of critical importance. With the Tankfreund you prevent avoidable breakdowns and downtime.

Save costs

Starting the engine with the wrong fuel in the tank can quickly cause damages to an ambulance that cost between 10,000 Euros and 15,000 Euros in repairs.


Even if your vehicle fleet has not yet had a misfuelling incident, the risk for it to happen is present every day. Stress, distractions and confusing fuel names cause hundreds of mistakes every day.

More about misfuelling

What the experts say

Happy customers

"Misfuelling is a very costly issue and vehicle downtime needs to be compensated for. With Tankfreund, we have a simple and practical solution for preventing problems through misfuelling."

F. Olms
German Red Cross Uelzen

"We choose Tankfreund for our emergency vehicles to keep our fleet & teams ready to operate and prevent expensive & time-consuming repairs due to misfuelling."

C. Gerling
German Red Cross Munster

"Tankfreund is a fantastic product! We can now prevent vehicles downtime and damages of many thousands of Euros in a simple and easy way."

S. Jörg

"A wrongly refueled ambulance can easily cost 10,000 to 15,000 Euros in repairs. To prevent this from happening, we have equipped all vehicles with the Tankfreund."

M. Stürmer
German Red Cross Lüneburg

"Misfuelling can happen every day. It happened to colleagues of mine. To prevent this from happening again, we've equipped our vehicles with the Tankfreund - a simple and affordable solution."

C. Gerling
German Red Cross Munster

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