Diesel misfuelling protection tool

Regardless of whether the mistake has already occurred or whether you want to prevent it, diesel vehicles always have an increased riskformisfuelling. There are two reasons for this. Firstly because the thinner petrol nozzle easily fits into every diesel filler neck and secondly because diesel engines are much more sensitive to wrong fuel.

Diesel Fehlbetankungsschutz


In diesel cars, the tank opening is generally larger than in other vehicles, as the diesel fuel nozzle also has a larger diameter. So you can guess. The smaller nozzle for unleaded fits into the tank opening without any problems and the wrong fuel can get into the the tank without the driver even noticing.

Since reaching for the wrong fuel mostly happens unintentionally and unconsciously, the clever driver takes precautions. With the Tankfreund misfuelling protection for diesel vehicles, you can easily protect yourself and your car from misfuelling and the unpleasant consequences.

TheTankfreund is easy to attach and universally fits in all common cars. It is an unmistakable hint that refocuses you several times before, during and after the refuelling process, so that you can check again whether you have done everything correctly.

Misfuelling protection for diesel vehicles - order now!