Questions & facts about misfuelling

Diesel or Unleaded? Fatal error!

How often does misfuelling occur? Accidentally picking the wrong nozzle at the petrol station can happen quickly when distracted - or because of poor or missing labelling behind the fuel cap. 1 in 10 engine failures is caused by the wrong fuel.

Tankfreund in German magazine "Autoflotte"
Simona Schulze has been running the fleet of cars for outpatient care at the German Red Cross Lüneburg now for 14 years. Currently, she's equipping each of the 30 VW Up with a „Tankfreund“ – a simple misfuelling protection tool.
Diesel misfuelling protection tool
Regardless of whether the mistake has already occurred or whether you want to prevent it, diesel vehicles always have an increased riskformisfuelling. There are two reasons for this. Firstly because the thinner petrol nozzle easily fits into every diesel filler...