Every 3 minutes a driver
picks the wrong fuel

Breakdown? Engine failure? Not for your customers.
Clever advertising

Grow customer loyalty,
even at a distance


Avoid engine failures

Misfuelling is dead easy. All it takes is one moment of not paying attention or being distracted, and petrol ends up in a diesel car. If noticed before continuing the drive, the costs for towing, removing the wrong fuel and cleaning the system amount to roughly £300. However, starting the engine can cause engine damage of several thousand GBP.

The Tankfreund is an intelligent preventive measure to avoid misfuelling and to protect customers from unpleasant surprises and high costs. At the same time, it is an innovative advertising and communication tool, made in Germany, which fits into all common cars and can be easily and quickly attached by the customer. The Tankfreund is extremely robust, durable and guarantees several visual contacts per refuelling process.

Tankfreund for businesses

The human factor

The Tankfreund of the German Red Cross Lüneburg.

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Small effort, big impact.

A useful give-away for car dealerships & workshops.

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Prevent misfuelling

Tankfreund is a useful reminder for the right fuel.

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A new tool for businesses

Emergency vehicles

Ensure operational readiness - Avoid breakdowns and engine failures.

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Clever protection for your customers - clever advertising for your business.

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Vehicle fleets & fleets

Cost savings and risk minimization for your fleet cheaply and effectively..

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Car dealerships

Putting customers in the center - visibility with every refuelling process.

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Satisfied customers

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